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Tips for Tip-Toe-ers

For those who want little steps to regain and maintain their optimal health but are not ready to make a big change

1. if the fast food restaurants you go to do not offer fruit, always have single servings of packaged applesauce or other fruit in your car, and take it with you.

2. If you must eat fast food, try going to del taco, and get a half pound bean and cheese burrito without cheese, add lettuce tomato and avocado. Then fill your cup with unsweetened tea and add lemonade to the top. Voila! Mexican restaurants are often good especially if you order 'sides' like steamed corn tortillas and black beans, salad without oil dressings, etc.

3. Surprisingly, steak houses are often wonderful, as they have salad bars (just don't choose the dishes with oil), and you can also order a baked sweet potato or regular potato. 

4. A good way to stay flexible your entire life is to get on the floor to put on and take off your shoes. 

5. In order to drink your 64 oz of water (not counting juice and coffee etc.) fill several containers with enough water in the morning and make it a habit to drink it all during the day. Water should be your beverage of choice.

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