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to encourage your journey to optimal health

"Thank you for helping me change my life! I actually think for me anyway the best part of my change is how good I feel. I find myself doing more things rather than just sitting around these days. My goodness who would’ve ever thought that I would think that I could work again. Do you know reading your article about what animal products and fats do to the body really did make me feel bad for my body. That was the beginning for me on this path I am on now. I don’t see how I could ever go back in good conscience. It would be like just shooting myself. Plus it’s gross. Anyways thank you sweet Nancy. I think it’s a lovely introduction to a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t think of any questions that were not covered. Your help in making the change was crucial, as my family is not interested in joining me! For me the biggest improvement is feeling energetic and just moving effortlessly. Sending love.'

"It was shocking when I watched your video and realized that that person on a slow slide towards death was me. I had just never noticed, or I didn't want to notice as all my friends are overweight and taking medications. After just a few weeks of healthy eating my doctor was able to take me off my diabetes and blood pressure meds. Yes, it was hard at first to change my whole life, as this is not just a 'diet'. I have learned how my body evolved to be fat and that my diabetes was simply a natural reaction to my diet. Once I got the dietary habits going, I had the confidence to know I would be able to change anything, including starting a walking program. And the best thing about that is my husband is walking with me! Thank you Nancy for helping me make this change."

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