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It is up to you!

     Re-gain and maintain your health through education and action.

Your Optimal Life is up to you

My job is to teach you how diet and lifestyle have contributed to your disease and show you how you can eat your way out of these diseases. 

I am not a licensed health care practitioner. I do not diagnose or treat illness. 

ALWAYS consult with your health care provider before you change your diet or begin an exercise program as your requirements for medication may change drastically and this could be harmful or even fatal. 

Please sign up for my free bi-monthly email 'Tasty Tidbits' where I will send you short health messages as well as my 'Easy Peasy' recipes at 


As lifestyle changes require time and effort I do not advise you to meet with me just once, however I do offer a free thirty minute call where we can see how we 'fit'. I suggest six one hour meetings for $300.00, or you can pay as you go for $60.00 each. You can arrange them as you like, but I suggest weekly at first, then bi-monthly, however, you know what is best for you!

Please message me at

or fill in the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to schedule a free twenty minute consultation.

thank you,

Nancy Neithercut

Certified Health Educator

Organic Vegetables
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